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Pablo Soria de Lachica Outlines Consequences of Mexican Loan To Pemex

International trade and foreign investment expert Pablo Soria de Lachica applauded Mexico’s recent $4.4 billion loan to state-owned oil company Pemex. “Infusing Pemex with capital is a strong strategy in both the short- and medium-terms,” he stated. “As a result of this cash influx, the company now has the capability to adapt to the evolving challenges in the global oil market.” Soria de Lachica noted that, given Pemex’s prominent role in the Mexican economy, the company’s capacity to respond to fluctuating prices is critical. “Since the loan, the price of oil has recovered, doubling from $26 per barrel to $52 earlier this month.” According to World Bank forecasts, the cost of petroleum will continue its upward trajectory through 2025. Soria de Lachica views the international financial institution’s confidence in oil futures as further evidence that Mexico’s Pemex investment will have…