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Pablo Soria de Lachica Highlights Investment Opportunities Created by Mexican Market Liberalization

Following the conclusion of a years long process to liberalize the domestic fuel market, gasoline and diesel prices are no longer subject to government control anywhere in Mexico. As of November 30, the Finance Secretariat (SCHP) announced that fuel prices were fully deregulated, effective immediately, and that it would cease publishing daily maximums. Financial analyst Pablo Soria de Lachica discusses several new investment opportunities that are arising as large oil companies and other players welcome the news of eased government control. Soria de Lachica explains that the liberalization process began in 2013, when Mexico’s government launched a sweeping overhaul of the country’s energy sector that opened the oil, gas and electricity industries to foreign direct investment. Consequently, energy companies and those in related industries, both Mexican and international, recognized sizable opportunities in a rapidly evolving environment — both in the provision of infrastructure and the wholesale of fuel and supplies. Nearly half of the country’s pipelines…