Pablo Soria de Lachica – Explica los beneficios para Uruguay de las recientes elecciones en Argentina

Pablo Soria de Lachica – Explains Benefits to Uruguay from Recent Argentine Elections

The first runoff voting in history in an Argentine presidential election led to Mauricio Macri being named the new president of Argentina. In a runoff vote, neither party wins by a large enough margin for victory, which leads to a second vote to determine the winner. A proponent of making big changes to the country’s economic system, this election result will have a big impact on surrounding countries and their economies. Leading foreign exchange expert Pablo Soria de Lachica offers insight into how this election will benefit Uruguay, the economy and its citizens. Macri is the first non-radical or Peronist president to be democratically elected since 1916, defeating the Front For Victory party. In a close race that required a second ballot, Macri took slightly more than half of the vote to win the election. During his campaign, he promised…