September 2021

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Pablo Soria de Lachica on Bitcoin’s Price Response to the Growing Involvement of Large and Institutional Investors

For over a decade now, Bitcoin has fascinated both regular people and investors pursuing the next big thing on the market. Yet, despite commanding headlines, the original cryptocurrency and all the digital coins inspired by it have remained in somewhat of a gray zone, barely scratching the surface of their perceived potential. “While individual investors have helped sustain interest in Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market has slim chances of becoming a staple of investment portfolios without the support of institutional investors,” comments leading forex broker Pablo Soria de Lachica.“For most of the past decade, most of these investors have been sitting on the sidelines, reluctant to put money into an extremely volatile and barely regulated market. However, they appear to have started changing their position and getting more involved with Bitcoin, which is having a positive impact on the value of…

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Pablo Soria de Lachica Analyzes the Implication of Coinbase IPO for Bitcoin and the Broader Cryptocurrency Market

When Coinbase became a publicly traded company in April 2021, the media hailed the direct listing on Nasdaq as a “pivotal,” “watershed,” “landmark,” and “historic” moment for the digital assets market. By that point, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange had become the largest sector player in the United States and one of the biggest platforms in the world. “For an industry that has struggled for over a decade to secure legitimacy and appeal to mainstream investors, the Coinbase stock market listing signaled the potential start of a new era,” says acclaimed forex broker Pablo Soria de Lachica. “After all, this is the company whose profound importance for the cryptocurrency ecosystem is reflected in the term the ‘Coin base effect,’ which denotes a surge in the price of a digital asset upon its inclusion in the trading roster of Coinbase and…