July 2017

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Pablo Soria de Lachica On Mexico’s Leading Bank Facing Competition

BBVA Bancomer, the largest bank in Mexico in terms of assets held, is facing renewed competition from both its larger rivals and more “middle-sized” challengers. Banco del Bajío launched an IPO (Initial Public Offering) last month that many experts believe will be the first of many such enticements from smaller banks as the country’s bigger financial institutions continue to deal with other obstacles. Pablo Soria de Lachica, a foreign exchange specialist based in Mexico City, says that despite ongoing political uncertainties and slower-than-estimated annual economic growth, Mexico remains an enticing location for investors. Pablo Soria de Lachica claims that one of Mexico’s most apparent weaknesses may in fact be one of its greatest strengths when it comes to investing. The Mexican peso, though weaker than several other currencies such as the dollar or the euro, allows buyers to take advantage…

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Pablo Soria de Lachica Explains Mexico’s Start-up Boom

In Latin America, Mexico is experiencing a major move toward flourishing new businesses in technology, communications and other industries. Recent developments in innovation are bringing additional interest south of the border. Some of the cause for the emerging market continuing to invite a large number of new corporations can be attributed to generational and cultural shift from conventional financial and corporate practices. Pablo Soria de Lachica describes the reasons and potential results, as well as what expectations are for the coming year and into the future. Mexico is fast becoming the leader in Latin America, as a growing hub for the tech-industry. Last year more than $1 billion in investments bringing more than 70 new start-ups began changing the face of corporate culture in the country. For the first time in recorded history, they surpassed everywhere else in Latin America…